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Postal e-trike: La Poste has ordered 100 ‘Staby’ be French Ligier. The electric three-wheeled scooters have been customised for the French mail service and will join the organisations extensive electric fleet. If demand allows, Ligier is prepared to deliver up to a 1,000 e-trikes by 2015.

EV drive simulation: A newly developed app by Dutch Gent University estimates EV range for different models based on the user’s driving behaviour in a regular car. This way, the ‘e.CODRIVER’ app is said to help find the right electric car for ones needs., (app)

Italy’s bicycle market was overall declining in 2013, only e-bikes saw an increase of 11.8%. That are 51,405 electric bicycles sold despite harsh economic conditions. Pedelec exports almost doubled to 2,859 units. City and e-bikes now hold almost 50% of the Italian market, which shifts away from its sport-only orientation.

Battery-electric buses will eventually replace electric rickshaws on New Delhi’s streets. The electric mini cabs on three wheels have just been banned, hence this is why the Indian government is looking into alternatives. An e-bus trial in Bangalore however, is now facing financial difficulties as initial operational costs are high.


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