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Fiat Chrysler, ZF, KSPG, General Motors, Missouri University.

Fiat Chrysler to be electrified: The manufacturer hedges plans for a plug-in mini van, Mike Duhaime, Chrysler’s chief of electric drives, said. Furthermore, Fiat-Chrysler is working with Qualcomm to present inductive charging technology soon.

Innovation truck: Supplier ZF will present its ‘Innovationstruck’ with a hybridised transmission at next week’s IAA for utility vehicles. The truck is said to be controlled via a tablet computer and can shunt electrically. Also at the IAA, company KSPG presents its heat pump system for electric and hybrid utility vehicles which is said to save up to 60% of energy usually used for temperature regulation., (KSPG, in German)


Li-Sulphur cathode: General Motors’ Global Research & Development Centre has developed a new polymer-coated carbon-sulphur core-shell structure for cathodes of Li-S batteries which promises better cycling stability and coulombic efficiency.

Nuclear power for EVs? Missouri University developed a water-based nuclear battery which they say might also be used in EVs. The cells are based on betavoltaic (energy through radiation) and are built with the isotope strontium-90. The battery is long-lasting and safe, at least according to the researchers.,

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Most clicked Link on Wednesday was Ford’s announcement for the updated C-Max to be shown at Paris Motor Show. Meanwhile, Ford has released the final images. (yesterday’s teaser), (revealed C-Max)


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