HotPowCon, A123 Systems, Johnson Matthey, Wattwagon, BMW i3.

Improved power electronics: Bosch-led HotPowCon research project has developed a new packaging and interconnection technology (PIT). It enables the production of power electronics which can work under high operating temperatures of up to 300° C.

Lithium iron phosphate formulation: Li-ion battery maker A123 Systems LLC now sold its cathode materials manufacturing plant in Changzhou, China, to Johnson Matthey. As A123 uses these cathodes across its portfolio, the two companies have entered into a long term supply agreement at the same time.

Push when pulled: The Wattwagon is an electric bike trailer that offers electric assistance and space for cargo to cyclists. Its inventor, Rich Wolf, is currently looking for backers on Kickstarter to develop its attachable electric assist system further.

i3 body kit: Here comes a kit from Japan that turns the BMW i3 into a racer, at least from the outside. Obviously, the add-on by Garage Eve.ryn is far from the original’s aerodynamics or light-weight which fall victim to this aggressive yet dynamic looking body kit nicknamed BMW EVO i3.,

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was the announcement of an all-electric camper van based on Nissan’s E-NV200 .


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