Dieter Zetsche, Martin Lidegaard, Markus Lienkamp.

Dieter-Zetsche“Our partnership with Tesla is very successful and will be continued.”

Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, that has “restructured” its cooperation with Tesla Motors and sold its stake in Tesla of approximately 4%. Holding shares in Tesla “is not necessary for our partnership and cooperation,” Bodo Uebber, the Daimler board member for finance added.

Martin-Lidegaard“All countries of Europe could benefit from this flexible approach. That’s why we’re pressing for it as a solution.”

Martin Lidegaard, the foreign minister of Denmark, welcomes the latest draft of the EU’s 2030 climate and energy package, which expands carbon offsetting to the transport sector. The draft is due to be agreed later this week.

Markus-Lienkamp“With the Visio.M we have demonstrated that it is possible to build a very light and at the same time safe car with overall costs that we expect to be lower than those of comparable combustion-engine cars. But it is still a long way to serial production because almost all components must be adapted to the manufacturing conditions of large series.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Lienkamp, Chair of the TU Munich Institute of Automotive Technology, says that even though the EV will not be built immediately, it is an all-around car and, due to its light weight, very energy efficient. The Visio.M. was presented on Monday (we reported).


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