North Carolina State University, PowerCell, NUI Galway, ORNL.

Exact range indicator: A new software developed at the North Carolina State University is said to be able to calculate an EV’s range more exactly than others. It uses multiple online databases and considers factors such as road grades, traffic levels, speed limits and even the weather.,

Fuel cell REx from Sweden: The Volvo Group spinout PowerCell receives 7 million Krona (963,000 USD) in funding from the Swedish energy agency, in order to develop a modular and scalable fuel cell system for commercial vehicles. It is supposed to be used as a range extender for three different vehicle sizes, ranging from 3.5 to 18 tons.,

Ireland will head the Shell Eco-marathon for the first time next year. The National University Ireland, Galway, has designed the country’s most fuel-efficient car. The Geec (Galway energy-efficient car) can travel about 180 kilometres on just one euro worth of energy.

Seperator research: Scientists from the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laborator have discovered a “promising candidate” for the separator in aqueous lithium batteries. They report that a cubic garnet material (LLZO) is highly stable as a Li-stable solid electrolyte in neutral and strongly basic solutions.,,

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Most clicked Link on Wednesday was Arcimoto´s new three-wheeled EV, which qualifies as a motorcycle.


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