Harald Kroeger, Mary Barra, Jim Buczkowski.

Harald-Kroeger“Who would have thought that among Porsche customers 10% would care for the polar bears? That basically shows there is something out there.”

Says Harald Kroeger, vice president-electrical/electronics and electric drive at Mercedes-Benz, about Porsche electrifying its portfolio. He is certain that in ten years’ time, there will be battery cells with twice the capacity at half the price: “We have the first samples in our labs at home that show me it’s true.”

Mary-Barra“As you look at regulatory requirements around the globe, electrification is a key part in making those targets. But doing it in a way that is focused on the customer.”

GM CEO Mary Barra says the manufacturer has “to be part of defining the future,” but that ultimately, the customer will decide what the future will be.

Jim-Buczkowski“I think that’s the challenge we face. We have to have C- and D-segment vehicles that are very affordable for customers to really get EVs to take off.”

Jim Buczkowski, Ford’s director-electrical and electronics systems/research and innovation, says that falling gas prices pose a significant problem for the electric mobility market.


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