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Toyota expands charging infrastructure tests in Aichi Prefecture in Japan. It will erect 43 new charging stations, added to the 104 already installed in the region. The goal is to find the optimal number of chargers and the best locations to encourage EV usage. In addition to past tests, stations will also be set up at cultural and social service facilities.
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Wiltshire opens fast-charger network: The Wiltshire County Council had received 225,000 pounds (400,000 USD) in funding from the British Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to erect six fast-chargers across the county. It now also received a further 180,000 pounds (288,000 USD) to install more public charging points in public sector areas.

The use of EV charging stations increased 12-fold compared to last year in Greater Manchester. The 300 installed charging points there were used a combined total of 974 times in September. In the same month last year, only 82 sessions were recorded.

The 5,000th Renault Kangoo Z.E. has been delivered to the French postal service, which also employs 18,000 e-bikes, 1,000 electric quads and 100 electric trikes. Moreover, La Poste and Renault have agreed to extend their cooperation and to i.e. improve the range of the vehicles produced by Renault that are currently part of the La Poste fleet.
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Audi carsharing: The new “Audi shared fleet” service now rolls into the German capital and the client “Factory Berlin” picked (among others) an Audi A3 e-tron. The service allows companies to choose from the entire Audi portfolio and pay only for the time a vehicle is in use. Audi coordinates the bookings and takes care of filling tanks, as well as cleaning and servicing the fleet.
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Dubai tests e-buses: The Roads and Transport Authority wants to further study range of e-buses and lifetime of batteries under the extreme (hot) weather conditions in the United Emirates. Charging infrastructure will be developed together with the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority.


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