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Toyota-MiraiLower-cost fuel cells: Toyota’s leading fuel cell engineer Yasuhiro Nonobe predicts prices for fuel cells to futher decrease. His projection is costs will have gone down by one-fourth to one-third by the end of this century compared to the costs of the current system used in the Mirai.,

Electric drive production start: Prestolite Electric Propulsion Systems, a Chinese joint venture between Hydro-Quebec’s subsidiary TM4 and Prestolite Electric, has now started production in Beijing. There, it will manufacture electric motors as well as power electronic modules for commercial vehicles.

EV charging in under 3 min? Israeli StoreDot says it has developed a new battery prototype based on artificial peptide molecules the company calls Nanodots. The new battery is said to enable ultra-fast charging of smartphones within 30 seconds and even EVs in three minutes or less by 2016.,

Third Porsche 919 Hybrid: The German carmaker will have a third Porsche 919 Hybrid racing in the 24-hour race in Le Mans in summer 2015. The hybrid will make its first appearance in the six-hour race in Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium in May. A driver has yet to be named.

Mini motor: LiquidPiston introduced the prototype of an extra small four-stroke engine with 70 cc. The production version is said to have an output of 5 hp with a weight of only 1.3 kg. While being made mainly for handheld power gear, the X Mini could also serve as a range extender in hybrids.,,

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the new carbon fiber bodykit for Tesla´s Model S designed by tuner RevoZport.


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