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Graphen, BMW Power eDrive, Solar Cycle, Nissan, Italmoto, SYM.

Graphen breakthrough: A team of physicists led by Nobel laureate Andre Geim at Manchester University might revolutionise fuel cell technology. They discovered that a new type of carbon graphite allows protons to pass through it. The researchers said their finding raises the possibility that, in future, graphene membranes could be used to ‘sieve’ hydrogen gas from the atmosphere to generate electricity.,

BMW-Power-eDriveBMW Power eDrive: The Bavarians are pretty busy electrifying their range it seems as BMW also demonstrated another concept called Power eDrive. Fitted into the body of a 5 series, the drivetrain combines two electric motors and a combustion engine. BMW strives to show the full bandwidth as the system can be toned down or deliver up to 670 hp.

Solar Cycle: A pedelec with solar panel wheels that inductively charge its battery has been developed by Dutch Solar Cycle. The prototype is using solar cells developed by Solar Application Lab with nano technology and is based on a Bosch system. However, the company aims to develop its own bike and to start production within 3 years.

Driving the “Pathie”: Australian test drove the Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid 2014 and finds it considerably better than the “boxy, pedestrian character it once was,” thus managing to “redefine its value proposition” as a seven-seat SUV.

More EICMA novelties: There were loads of little treasures to be discovered at the Italian show like the EVAi electric scooter by Italmoto that boast a refreshingly light design, weighs only 55 kg and goes for 70 km electrically. Taiwanese SYM displayed its microcar ex4U, which weighs under 400 kg.

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Most clicked link on Thursday was our “Short circuit” showing Lotus F1 race drivers Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado taking a spin in Renault Twizys in the Dubai Mall.


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