Dec 12, 2014 - 09:12 am

Volvo, Sevcon, Cobi.

Volvo to downsize: The Swedish brand is developing a new three-cylinder petrol engine which can develop up to 180 hp, to be added to its Drive-E range. The new engine will be applied to the 40 and 60 series and could easily be used for plug-in hybrid variants as well.,

Asian hybrids with UK controllers: British supplier Sevcon has signed an agreement with an unnamed carmaker from South-East Asia. The latter is to use controllers from Sevcon for a new line of hybrid 4-door sedans.,

Connected Bike: German iCradle has come up with a device called Cobi which integrates all sorts of bike technologies like navigation or fitness applications in a smartphone which can be locked and charged on the handlebar. The company is looking for funding and the system also integrates well with e-bikes, namely their batteries. (campaign) via (in German)

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Most clicked link on Thursday was our “Short circuit” showing the Dojo Pioneer, an Aston Martin Cygnet copycat from China.


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