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Toyota follows Tesla’s example as the Japanese corporation announced at the CES to share its 5,680 patents relating to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies with the whole industry. According to Bob Carter, Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations at Toyota Motor Sales USA, patents related to fuel cell vehicles will be available for royalty-free licenses until the end of 2020, while patents for hydrogen production and supply will remain open for an unlimited duration.,,

Detroit-Electric-finalSP:01 production version: Detroit Electric revealed how its e-roadster will look like when going into production in early 2015. When hitting the market in 2016, the SP:01 is said to deliver 210 kW, a top speed of 155 mph and a 0-60 mph sprint time of 3.9 seconds. Customers can already place orders, with early pricing information indicating a starting cost of around 100,500 pounds (159,000 dollars).,

Hyundai reloads: The Korean carmaker has announced to invest about 81 trillion won (73 billion dollars) over the next four years. The money will go into expanding and building facilities while almost a third will be spend on R&D activities with a focus on electric vehicles.,

2,000-dollar e-scooter: Terra Motors presented its A2000 electric scooter which shares the design with the A4000i but comes at a more competitive price of around 2,000 dollars. The low cost is bought at the price of the environment as the A2000 uses a Lead-acid batteries. Terra Motors hopes to offer its latest model in 10-15 countries this summer, starting with Vietnam in January.

i8 to launch in India: BMW will enter the Indian market with its i-brand this February, ZigWheels reports. The i8 will hit India in limited numbers and could cost as much as INR 2 crores (about 315,000 dollars). via

New Chinese EVs: Geely will launch its all-electric EC7-EV on the Chinese market this quarter. While the sedan has a range of 150 km (93 miles), the new Yema T70 EV is said to go much further as the electric estate car claims a 400 km (248 miles) range and is set to launch in April. (Geely), (Yema)


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