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UK, Electric Highway, Renault Zoe, Supercharger.

Police, fire fighters to go electric: A five million pound government scheme in the UK aims to increase the use of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV). Now, police, fire fighters and NHS could apply for grants to electrify parts of their fleets. Some 200 plug-ins are expected to hit the road amid this next phase of the scheme.
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Rapid-charger in Cornwall: As of Friday, Britain’s South will also be connected to Electric Highway. The fast-charger at the Cornwall Services site in Victoria has a Type 2, as well as a CHAdeMO connector. For members of the Electric Highway, charging is free.

Zoe sets record at home: A record total of 1,182 Renault Zoe were registered in France in December, bringing the number of total sales there to 5,970. That is an increase of 8.3 percent compared to 2013 and means, more than half of all EVs sold in France last year were Renault Zoe.
insideevs.com, generation-nt.com (in French)

Supercharger vs CHAdeMO: The former wins 884 to 776 in terms of charging points in the U.S. However, there are still more CHAdeMO stations, as Superchargers generally count more connectors. Moreover, Tesla has another 500 so-called destination chargers (not Superchargers), located at hotels or other points of interest.
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