Mark Fields, John B. Rogers Jr., Levi M. Tillemann.

Mark-Fields-Ford“We term it, in some cases, how do we go from fun to drive to fun to ride.”

According to Ford CEO Mark Fields, the experience matters. Commenting on the Smart Mobility Initiative, he says that some people will want fully autonomous vehicles in some places. But how they feel using these is just as important as considering the fun a driver has behind the wheel.

Jay-Rogers“We like to think of it as Build-A-Bear, mashed up with Ikea, mashed up with Formula One.”

John B. Rogers Jr., founder and CEO of Local Motors, is one of the minds behind the 3-D printed Strati EV. While he does not see other carmakers adopting 3-D printing anytime soon, he believes the technology is the future and the supply chain the past.

Levi-M-Tillemann“That’s because today’s electric car boom isn’t really about oil prices at all; it’s about clean air.”

Levi M. Tillemann, fellow at the New America Foundation, does not see falling petrol prices as a threat to electric mobility. Using California as an example, he says policy to push for greener cars was not the result of high petrol prices in the first place.


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