Austria, Częstochowa, China, Budapest, Utah, Cincinnati.

The largest e-fleet in Austria: The Austrian postal service is further electrifying its fleet, acquiring another 59 Nissan e-NV200 and 20 Mercedes Benz E-Vito. In total, the company now employs 862 EVs. With the new vans, the Austrian postal service will use EVs for parcel delivery for the first time. (in German)

Częstochowa goes hybrid: Representatives of the Polish city´s municipal transport company have signed a contract with Poland’s Solbus to receive 40 gas-electric hybrid buses by November 2015. According to a local paper, these are the first gas-electric buses on Polish roads.

China completes fast-charging route: The country has finished installing 50 rapid-chargers between Shanghai and Beijing, each spaced 50 km apart on a 1,260 km stretch. Each station is equipped with four 120 kilowatt chargers that are able to charge eight electric cars at the same time.,

Budapest begins operating its first Volvo diesel-electric bus and another 27 hybrid buses are said to join the fleet of the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) soon. All 28 buses are planned to remain in service until 2023. 25 of these will run on a daily basis.

Utah pushes for greener cars: The Utah Department of Environmental Quality has awarded a total of 700,000 dollars in grants and low-interest loans, in order to support electric and other alternative drive vehicles. Salt Lake City intends to use a 200,000 dollar grant to install 25 charging stations,,

Cincinnati gets garage with chargers: This is the city’s first public parking garage offering EV drivers the possibility to charge while attending other business. There are a total of six spaces reserved for charging and 62 EVs are registered with the city’s incentive programme.,


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