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Alphabet expects record sales in 2015: Alphabet UK has surpassed 1,000 EV orders. The company expects orders to double in 2015 and with one fifth of the total amount of orders from 2014 already having been placed in January, Alphabet is confident that the number will be even higher than predicted.

Driving a Tesla in the UK: Thanks to the carmaker’s network of Superchargers in the country, range anxiety is turning into “range curiosity.” There are total of 30 charging stations with 75 charging points, making it easy to Tesla drivers to roam the country. Another six Superchargers are planned for 2015.

Traffic-to-power: The University of Illinois has entered into an agreement with New Energy Innovations to optimize the TPRES (Traffic Powered Renewable Energy System). Air pumps are built into the roads and when cars drive by or park on them, their weight is converted to energy. Maybe that energy could even be used to power electric cars on the go.

Battery-swapping under construction: Tesla’s first battery swapping station in Northern California is not quite ready yet, despite communication from the carmaker suggesting otherwise. But pictures show, that the shovels have yet to be put away. And so far, batteries can only be swapped by appointment.,

EV sales in Japan: A total of 2,513 electric and plug-in hybrid cars were sold in Japan in December last year, almost half of them were Nissan Leafs (1,195). A total of 14,177 of the 32,403 plug-ins sold in 2014 in Japan were Leafs, followed by the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (10,064).

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