Feb 4, 2015 - 10:00 am

European Commission, Tim Leverton, Hyundai.

anonym“Electrification of transport should be a high priority, with full integration of electric vehicles in urban mobility policies and in the electricity grid.”

This is what the European Commission says in a discussion paper concerned with a single energy union for Europe. This entails not only the free flow of fuel, but also electric vehicles.

Tim-Leverton“We have already sold buses in Europe with hybrid technology. As electric vehicles are still long way off due to the costly batteries. Hybrid technology is the closest we are in terms of launching here in the next 3-5 years.”

Tata Motors President and Head of Product Engineering Tim Leverton is not yet into EVs but hybrids. The company is also working on fuel cell technology.

Hyunda-Logo100x70“We decided to slash the car’s price, even if we make a loss, because we can’t make further investments or expand infrastructure amid dismal sales.”

This is from Hyundai’s official statement regarding the rather drastic price cut of 43 percent in South Korea (we reported yesterday). If it is a desperate or clever move, time will tell. In any case, it is intended as a commitment to FCVs.


Found on electrive.com
04.02.2015 10:00