Bochum University & ThyssenKrupp, PNNL, ELEKS Labs, BMZ.

Solar research: Bochum University of Applied Sciences and ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe are collaborating in solar vehicle construction. At the heart of the project is the ‘ThyssenKrupp SunRiser’, a new solar-powered race car that will compete in the Australian World Solar Challenge this October.

Dendrite prevention: Researchers from DoE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory together with Chinese and American partners have discovered a new additive for electrolytes. Adding cesium hexafluorophosphate (CsPF6) improves battery perfomance while suppressing dendrite formation on electrode surfaces during the charging process, according to the researchers.

Tesla control via Apple watch: While the Apple Watch is not expected before this April, ELEKS Labs already has developed a Tesla app. The program is designed to show the state-of-charge and remaining range right at your wrist but is also said to serve as a key to lock or unlock the Model S.,, (teaser vid)

German battery production expansion: BMZ (Batterien-Montage-Zentrum) has started construction of what is calls “Europe’s largest battery production” at Karlstein, Germany. Until 2020, the company plans to invest 45 million euros (51m USD) in six new laboratories, offices and production facilities. The first two buildings are to be finished already this year. If all goes according to plan, BMZ expects to assemble 80 million Li-ion batteries with a total capacity of 5 GWh annually. (in German)

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was the report on about the recently announced measures to foster e-mobility in France.


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