Shenzhen, Tesla, Switzerland, Crosspoint Kinetics.

Shenzhen charges up: The Chinese metropolis plans to invest 5 billion RMB (about 800m USD) on developing the market for so-called new energy vehicles. 1,800 charge points for electric cars are announced to be installed in Shenzhen this year alone. Independently, Tesla announced it will begin installing free charging stations at customers’ homes in 2015. (Shenzhen), (Tesla)

California readies funding: The California Energy Commission announced the availability of up to 1.3 million dollars in Zero Emission Vehicle Readiness funding. The money is meant to support new and existing planning efforts for the installation of infrastructure for PEVs and FCEVs.,

Swiss e-mobility confederation: Alpiq, Siemens, Swisscom and Zurich are developing a Switzerland-wide access and accounting system for EV charging stations. It is expected to be available from mid-2015 and most of the existing charging stations can be retrofitted with the system.

Leasing for retrofit hybrid: Crosspoint Kinetics offers a leasing program for commercial fleets. Fleet operators can choose to retrofit their existing fleet with the Crosspoint electric hybrid system or order it to be installed on new vehicles. Fleets may apply their fuel savings toward paying for the lease.


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