Mark Fields, Michael Bartsch, Radek Pilat.

Mark-Fields-Ford“They will be part of the landscape of the industry. The question is, how big.”

Ford CEO Mark Fields is here talking about electrification, explaining Ford´s approach to offer a full lineup of electrified vehicles (HEVs, PHEVs and BEVs) in order to give customers the power of choice.

Michael_Bartsch“We need to get our basics in place first, we need to get core products in place first, then we can take the next step after that. […] When we have those segments addressed, then we will take a re-look at the EV program.”

Michael Bartsch, vice president at Infiniti North America, provides no timing for an all-electric Infiniti model, saying that at the moment, Infiniti engineers are focused on getting the Q30 and Q60 launched.

Radek-Pilat“I was spending up to 150 euros a week on petrol. But I can do up to 120 km in my new car on about 1.50 euros of electricity. I reckon I will save about 7,200 euros a year on fuel costs alone.”

Radek Pilat is the driver of the first electric taxi in the Irish city of Cork. He switched to a Nissan Leaf following the launch of the Drive4Zero initiative and says that there are so many charge points available across the city that range anxiety is not a problem.


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