NanoFlowcell, GM & Honda, ETH Lausanne, Lightning Hybrids.

NanoFlowcell-QuantinoEV for everyone? NanoFlowcell will reveal a pre-production version of its Quantino in Geneva. Smaller than the Quant F, the low-voltage (48V) Quantino uses four 25kW electric motors to generate around 136 hp and reach a top speed of 200 km/h. With 350 litres of ionic liquid, the 2+2-seater is said to offer a range of over 1,000 kilometres. Testing is set to begin this year.,

Fuel cell future: GM and Honda are working on one common next generation fuel cell system which is scheduled for production around 2020, focusing on the reduction of costs. For one example, the team is targeting a reduction in platinum loading to about 11g, down from 30g in the current fuel cell system.

Autonomous EVs on campus: As part of the European CityMobil2 programme, ETH Lausanne is testing six driverless electric mini buses. Produced by French EasyMile, the EVs fit up to ten persons. (in French),

Hydraulic hybrid debut: Lightning Hybrids showed its hydraulic hybrid system for trucks and buses for the first time in action yesterday. The system does not use batteries as the company applies a hydraulic system to the driveline to regenerate braking energy, which is stored and used for accelerating again.

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was Porsche’s all-electric 717 which can be expected in about four years time.


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