Jaguar Land Rover, Koenigsegg, California, Netherlands, McLaren, Kia.

Range-Rover-Hybrid-LWBJLR’s electric plans: An all-electric Jaguar Land Rover SUV is getting more concrete, German auto motor und sport reports. Under which brand the new model will be offered has not been said, however, earlier rumours hint at an electric Range Rover. A plug-in hybrid can be expected already in 2017. (in German)

Megacar from Sweden: “The Regera will reign as the king of the road, as the fastest accelerating, most powerful production car ever.” This is how sports carmaker Koenigsegg promotes its hybrid super car, ahead of its debut in Geneva. Obviously, it is designed to compete against Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari but strives to top them all. So far, “only” about 500 kW delievered by electric motors are confirmed but as it is dubbed a “megacar,” expect more than 1,000 kW from the hybrid system.,,

Transatlantic innovation: California and the Netherlands have agreed on initiating joint funding for innovative electric vehicle development. While the Dutch will spend 6 million euros, the rest of the total of 24 millions is to come from the Golden state and other investors., (both in Dutch)

1,000 hp McLaren: While the official premiere is only set for the Geneva Motor Show, the Brits could not wait to show the production-ready super hybrid P1 GTR. The race track version of the P1 boast 1,000 hp instead of the 916 hp of the standard version, while its weight was decreased by 50 kilos.,,

Kia estate: The Koreans will present the Sportspace Concept in Geneva which is said to give an outlook on the 2016 Optima station wagon. The latter is likely to be offered as plug-in hybrid, too.,


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