Dieter Zetsche, Damien Meredith.

Dieter-Zetsche“If there were a rumor that Mercedes or Daimler planned to start building smart phones then they (Apple) would not be sleepless at night. And the same applies to me and this is full of respect for Apple.”

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche cannot understand why Apple wants to build an electric car. Nor does he believe that it could have any impact on the industry. Funny, since Nokia argued in a similar way before Apple got into the mobile phone business.

Damien-Meredith“I was always a great believer in fuel cell technology, it’s the way of the future. So it’s hybrid, plug-in hybrid, then probably fuel cell. That’s my view.”

Kia Motors Australia CEO Damien Meredith says that it is difficult to decide whether the company should introduce a hybrid to the Australian market, a technology he sees as a stepping stone.


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