Suzuki, Softcar, DoE, Shimano.

Suzuki-iK2-ConceptSuzuki hybridises, mildly: The Japanese showed two concepts in Geneva. The iK-2 is said to sit just above the Swift while the iM-4 is a mini SUV measuring less than four metres. Both feature a mild-hybrid system called SHVS. The iK-2 however, might soon be offered as a petrol-electric hybrid., (iK-2), (iM-4)

Recyclable electric racer: Swiss Softcar shows the Aventor at the Geneva Motor Show. The electric race car is made of fully recyclable materials. On top of it, it is extra light as the three-wheeler weighs only 280 kilos, the four-wheeled version adds another 70 kg (350 kg in total.)

35 million dollars for fuel cells: The US Department for Energy (DoE) has readied to grant another 35 million dollars for fuel cell and hydrogen projects. Eligible is anything from research and development schemes to demonstration and deployment projects for fuel cell technology and hydrogen infrastructure.,

Shimano’s next STEP: The Japanese updated their pedelec system. The second generation of the Step e-bike group will feature full automatic shifting, faster charging on and off the bike, and now also comes in matte black. While not confirmed, new product pictures also show a battery claiming 500 Wh capacity instead of the previous 418 Wh., (battery in German)

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Most clicked link on Thursday was the Chinese answer to Tesla, the Aoxin Ibis.


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