Nissan & Kanematsu, Koenigsegg Regera, Lightning Hybrids.

Nissan and Kanematsu to encourage EV travel: Together with the New Energy Industrial Technology and Development Organization (NEDO), the Japanese companies will work on solutions to guide EV users to the most efficient fast-chargers along their route through California and beyond. They also want to install additional fast- chargers at suitable locations with the help of the California State government.

Presenting the Koenigsegg Regera: Christian von Koenigsegg present his “new baby”, saying he was never a fan of hybrid tech, but thought to give it a try after he figured that it would let him “remove the traditional gearbox from the equation.” Thanks to the Direct Drive Transmission technology, power loss from the conversion of energy to driving power is minimized, because power goes straight to the wheel. (Video)

Hydraulic hybrids for Massachusetts: Following a successful pilot commenced in 2013, Kiessling Transit has ordered 35 hydraulic hybrids systems from Lightning Hybrids to be fitted to their new Ford E450 chassis and Elkhart Coach bodies prior delivery this summer. During testing, the system showed 30 percent increase in fuel efficiency and significant emission reductions.


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