Martin Winterkorn, Klaus Fröhlich, Ian Wright, Karl Brauer.

martin-winterkorn“We can and we should learn from each other.”

Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn is decidedly against seeing the Silicon Valley, namely Apple and Google, being opposed to the “old world” of automotive companies. He calls for mutual appreciation and cooperation instead. (in German)

Klaus-Froehlich“The upcoming 3-series plug-in hybrid will offer almost all of the characteristics of an electric vehicle.”

Board member for R&D at BMW, Klaus Fröhlich, is expecting rising electrification in the company’s vehicles and went on to add that the “fourth generation” of electric power trains is already under development with a fifth at planning stage.

Ian-Wright“It’s pretty lonely out here which is great.”

Wrightspeed CEO Ian Wright is one of the few that openly enjoys a monopoly position in its market for range extended EV power trains for medium and heavy duty trucks.

anonym“Between launching in China and launching the new Model X, Tesla is reaching a critical make-or-break point.”

Karl Brauer, senior analyst with Kelley Blue Book, sees the Californian carmaker at a critical stage in its development, especially as Tesla is facing difficulties in China.


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