Siemens, ABB, DoE, Rutgers University.

Light-weight electric motor for planes: Siemens has developed a 50-kilo electric drive for aircrafts. With 260 kW output, its power-to-weight ratio of 5 kW/kg makes it suitable to drive propellers of larger aircrafts (up to 2 tons at take-off). Siemens is planning to start flight-testing already this year.,

New electric drive for ships: ABB introduced the Azipod D, a new electric propulsion system that caters for a larger range of vessels. It gives designers and ship builders increased design flexibility. Power ranges from 1.6 to 7 MW per unit.

The DoE is handing out funds to small business. Three Office of Science projects concentrate on hydrogen production from electrolysis and hydrogen systems for FCEVs. In total, 94 projects will receive about 96 million dollars in funding. The three H2 projects are to receive about a million dollars each.

Non-noble catalyst: Researchers at Rutgers University have developed a new noble metal-free catalyst using nickel-5 and phosphide-4. The catalyst is said to perform as well as platinum for the hydrogen evolution reaction in both strong acid and base.

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the Jinma JMW2200, a micro EV from China that looks a lot like BMW’s i3.


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