Helsinki, ClipperCreek, Lake Tahoe, Cobb Police Department.

Helsinki gets charged: The Finnish capital and their transport authority Helsinki Region Transport want to purchase 400 all-electric and 200-300 hybrid buses until 2025. In just the coming four years, Helsinki Region Transport wants to invest five to six million euros. The first twelve e-buses were recently ordered from the company Linkker (we reported).

ClipperCreek charging station: The company now offers its LCS-20P Type 2 charger with a plug for less than 400 dollars. The LCS-20 EV had previously only been available as a hardwired unit.,

EV Readiness Plan: Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has received 200,000 dollars from the California Energy Commission, to help develop a plan for the expansion of EV infrastructure around Lake Tahoe. It will identify private and public locations where additional chargers could best serve EV drivers.,,

Cobb Police Department goes electric: The police department in U.S. state of Georgia has received two electric motorcycles from Zero. They will be used for park patrolling as well as when police provides security at special events. They replace two 12-year-old gas guzzling dirt bikes.


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