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Manz lassos new deal: The German engineering company has received a “strategically important” order from one of the “leading companies of the e-mobility industry in the USA” (Tesla?) for a pilot system in which an innovative laser welding process will be used for the manufacture of lithium-ion battery systems. Manz is confident that there will be follow-up orders in the coming years.

New player on the market: The automotive division of Swiss company Georg Fischer wants to begin selling components for electric vehicles. According to GF, it already received orders totalling 50 million euros from well-known manufacturers covering light metal battery housings and structural parts.

Never late for the gate: The APT (Airport Personal Transport) is essentially an electric-powered, semi-autonomous two-passenger vehicle that will take people from their car to the airport gate and back. The team, with 88-year-old team leader William Alden has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise 100,000 dollars to build the first prototype. via

Battery research: At the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, a team of researchers has developed a cathode material for Li-ion batteries that can allegedly store three times as many lithium-ions as other cathode materials.,

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the new Chevy Volt with its first units now being built at GM’s production site Hamtramck in Detroit.


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