Stanford University, ORNL, Solarbike, Virginia Institute of Technology.

Extra fast-charging aluminum battery: Researchers from Stanford University have developed an aluminium-ion battery which the team claims to be safe, fast-charging and yet stable for more than 7,500 cycles without any loss of capacity, while being comparatively cheap. The Al-ion power pack is comprised of an aluminum anode, a graphite cathode and an ionic liquid electrolyte., (with video)

Battery simulation: A team at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory introduced its Virtual Integrated Battery Environment (VIBE). VIBE has been developed with funding from the DoE and enables battery makers to test their battery designs under various simulated scenarios.


Solarbike: This new speed pedelec prototype from Denmark rejoices its battery through solar panels covering both wheels. With the battery charged, the Solarbike’s central motor pedal-assists its driver at a top speed of 30 mph. Only after 43 miles the bike needs a sunbath. (with video)

H2 from biomass: A Virginia Tech team demonstrated the complete conversion of glucose and xylose from pretreated plant biomass to to H2 and CO2 based on an in vitro synthetic enzymatic pathway. The method could make production of H2 from biomass right at hydrogen-fueling stations feasible.,

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