Fast charging, Renault, TU Munich, VanDutch.

Haste hurts: Structural changes that occur when charging li-ion batteries quickly have been made visible utilising a novel X-ray fluorescence detector. Researchers at DESY together with the German universities of Giessen and Hamburg as well as Australian CSIRO found out that damage to the inner structure of the battery material is clearly evident after only a few charging cycles.,

Renault-Twizy-AmbulanceEV modulations by Renault: The French carmaker has brought a modified electric range to the CV Show in Birmingham. The Kangoo Z.E. comes as a Panel Van while the Twizy Cargo has turned into an Ambulance featuring blue lights and a siren.

Efficient AC for EVs: The TU Munich in their Visio.M concept EV showcased efficient temperature management. Peltier elements in the seats provide heat or cold close to the passengers. Furthermore, the performance electronics are integrated into a holistic thermal management system.,

Dutch electric yacht: Together, VanDutch and Aguri Technologies plan to create an electric yacht range, called Van Dutch E, which will be based on the Van Dutch 40. Still in the concept stage, further details on the electric yacht are not yet known.,

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was Shai Agassi’s new transport vision of electrically powered and autonomously driven personal pods.


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