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The “Berliner Modell” from now on will serve as blue print for all EV charging stations to be installed in the German capital from July 2016. The first of its kind has now been inaugurated. The design is uniform, energy comes from renewables and the stations can be operated with a charge card by The New Motion that works regardless of the provider., (both in German)

EV incentives in Oregon? The state officials are thinking about a bill that would offer EV buyers a so-called “cash on the hood” incentive of up to 3,000 dollars. Hybrid vehicles would become eligible for a 1,500-dollar grant. Legislation could start this October and would be in effect until 2022.

Nottingham is pondering a low-emission zone, at least for heavy vehicles. Furthermore, the city proposed a network of EV charge spots as well as incentives for rental EVs and local businesses to go electric. All would be part of Nottingham’s bid for the government’s Go Ultra Low initiative.

Toyota hybrids in York: Rental and leasing provider Autohorn from York has placed an order for more than 60 Toyotas, including the Yaris Hybrid and for the first time also the Prius Plug-in. The company has bought nearly 200 Toyota hybrids in the past three years.

Toyota PHEVs for Dubai: Al-Futtaim Motors, exclusive distributor of Toyota in the UAE, has handed over three Toyota Prius PHEV to Dubai Municipality. The latter will test the cars to see if more could be bought to join the fleet in the future.,


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