Twelve new Superchargers installed at Berlin shopping centre

The Alexa shopping centre in Berlin has upgraded its underground parking with a series of 12 new Supercharger stations of the V4 variant. This marks the third Supercharger location in Berlin.

Image: Alexa

Charging in big cities, such as Berlin, generally poses a unique challenge: many people living in a small area, many of whom rent their apartments, require more dense charging infrastructure. One approach to solving this issue is destination charging: The concept of plugging in your vehicle when you arrive at your destination, be it work, shopping or leisure. Together with Tesla, APCOA, property management company Sierra and Union Investment, the Alexa shopping centre in Germany’s capital has installed 12 new V4 supercharger stations, located in its underground parking structure.

As is known, the V4 supercharger DC charging stations can charge with up to 250 kW capacity, allowing for a quick charge while shopping. The initiators also point to the longer charging cable present on the station, allowing for greater flexibility while parking and concerning vehicle models. This offer is not only usable by Tesla drivers, since Tesla opened access to other electric cars last year.

While no definite plans are set yet to expand, the infrastructure installation left space and, more importantly, power capacity for an expansion of up to 20 charging spots. While this is Apcoa’s first such undertaking with Tesla in Germany, two similar projects were undertaken in the UK last year. This is also the third Tesla supercharger hub in the city.

As is mostly standard with supercharger stations, users can start the process via the Tesla app, as well as a credit card to pay for the process, should one not be connected to the network. They are also connected to Apcoa’s ‘Flow’ app, which is also capable of handling the interaction with the parking structure, including forgoing the need for a parking ticket, as well as automatic recognition at entry and exit points.

“The new Tesla Supercharger charging stations in the ALEXA multi-storey car park are another important step in the expansion of the electric charging infrastructure in our car parks,” commented Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of APCOA. “They are an integral component of our EV strategy, with which we aim to provide customers across Europe with up to 100,000 electric charging points at APCOA locations by 2035. We would like to thank Tesla for the close, smooth collaboration and for the installation of the state-of-the-art Supercharger fast-charging stations. This will strengthen the attractiveness of our car park at ALEXA, support the convenient use of electromobility and also make a contribution to climate protection.”

Oliver Hanna, Sierra Center Manager at the ALEXA added: “This will be the largest inner-city fast-charging hub in Berlin. This makes a visit to the ALEXA even more attractive and convenient. The centre will become a veritable mobility hub directly at Alexanderplatz – it will be perfectly accessible by all means of transport. accessible by all means of transport.” (in German)


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