Apr 28, 2015 - 08:07 am

Münster, Little's, Shore Hotel, Take Charge and Go, Go Ultra Low.

Five E-buses for Münster: VDL Bus & Coach has delivered five Citea Electric buses to the German city of Münster. These are funded via the projects SEB (rapid-charging systems for electric busses in public transportation) and ZeEUS (Zero Emission Urban Bus System). The charging capacity reaches up to 500 kWh, meaning the buses can be fully charged in 5-10 minutes.
newstix.de (in German)

Little’s adds Lexus GS300h: The five limousines are the first hybrids on the fleet of the British chauffeur service. The company is confident that the Lexus will be a strong selling point since more and more clients “place an emphasis on environmental performance and sustainability”.

Cheaper charging: Transport Evolved looks at how grid-connected energy storage systems can help businesses offering rapid-charging at a lower cost. It takes the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, USA, as an example, which has added both a CHAdeMO station and an innovative energy storage system.

Do not disturb: Similar to signs to hang on a room door in a hotel, these Take Charge and Go EV Charging Hangers aim to help improve charging etiquette. By letting others know whether it is ok to unplug one’s vehicle when it is fully charged, others can begin charging without you having to come back and unplug your car yourself.

Route to happiness: 70 percent of people questioned for a survey by Go Ultra Low believe that a quieter cabin could help keeping the driver and passengers happier. In other words, hybrids and electric cars could help reduce stress and improve one’s overall mood.


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