China, Infiniti, VW, Lohia Auto, Nissan Leaf.

China slows down EV subsidies: China is to roll back EV and PHEV incentives faster than initially planned, the Chinese Ministry of Finance announced. In 2017 and 2018, scalebacks of 20 percent are due, followed by a 40-percent reduction in 2019 and 2020. In the original draft, two 10-percent reductions had been outlined until 2020.,

Reality clash: Infiniti showed its hybrid racer Concept Vision Gran Turismo as a real model at the Auto Shanghai. The car made its first appearance in the virtual world as a racecar for Playstation’s Gran Turismo 6. If it will make it from the show (and screen) onto the street, remains to be seen.

Golf GTE in Ireland: Order books for Volkswagen’s plug-in Golf are now open in Ireland as the bestseller is due to launch there by July. Prices start at about 38,500 euros in the green republic.,

Indian electrification: India’s EV scheme FAME already bears fruit it seems as manufacturers are gearing up electrically. Lohia Auto now announced its plans to build two new electric two-wheeler models, two more variants of electric rickshaws and a new electric three-wheeler for its domestic market.

Coming earlier and longer: A longer range option for the current generation 2016 Nissan Leaf can be expected already this autumn, Inside EVs believes. Their assumption is based on minutely gathered data on everything about the 2016 Leaf that has been published to date.


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