Brusa, Witricity, Electrovaya, Evonik Litarion, Taxi 2000, Toyota.

WitricityInductive charging connected: WiTricity announced an intellectual property licensing agreement with Brusa. The Swiss company will commercialise WiTricity’s technology for its ICS wireless charging system. Both companies are cooperating with a number of international standards organisations on the interoperability of inductive charging systems worldwide.,

Evonik acquisition: Canadian Electrovaya has bought Evonik Litarion, a subsidiary of German Evonik. The acquisition includes the licensing of the ceramic composite separator Separion from Evonik, as well as a modern production plant for Li-ion electrodes and ceramic composite separators.,

EVs in the sky with no drivers: Taxi 2000 is to modernise transport in Greenville, South Carolina. The Skyweb Express uses electric and autonomous vehicles running on elevated guide ways at between 30 and 70 mph. The company is now asking the public for its opinion., (survey)

Mirai technology reloaded: At the SAE World Congress, Toyota gave price technical details about the fuel cell stack and hydrogen storage system of its fuel cell vehicle. The Japanese carmaker made the respective patents publicly available earlier this year (we reported).


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