May 6, 2015 - 08:22 am

Sankar Das Gupta, Ryan Popple.

Sankar-Das-Gupta“You always need two or three major players to create the market — and Tesla is terrific at creating the market.”

Electrovaya-CEO Sankar Das Gupta welcomes his new competitor, as the Californian EV maker is taking major steps into the stationery energy storage market. Electrovaya just bought Europe’s largest “gigaplant” from Evonik and is thus hoping to profit from Tesla’s momentum.

Ryan-Popple“Every year, we see better quotes from the battery wars.”

Ryan Popple, CEO of American bus manufacturer Proterra, has set its eyes on transforming the domestic market by replacing diesel with electric buses. In order to do so, prices have to be equalised eventually and he claims that by decreasing battery prices, this could be the case very soon.


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