May 6, 2015 - 09:46 pm

Video Interview: Juha Stenberg, Ensto Chago.

“Hardware is not the only thing that is important,” says Juha Stenberg, Managing Director of Ensto Chago. The Finish manufacturer of EV charging infrastructure now offers its third generation of chargers and Stenberg says it will also increasingly focus on services for EV drivers. Ensto Chago has a diverse portfolio of charging stations and “they all have their role in the whole charging network that we are now building,” says Stenberg during our exclusive interview at the Hanover Trade Fair. AC chargers, for instance, are needed in Finland and Sweden where plug-in hybrids are more popular than purely electric cars, while 20 kW DC fast charging stations are a better fit for restaurants and shopping centres, because they are easy to install and easier on the grid than stations with a higher output. Still, Stenberg agrees that there is a trend towards faster charging and hints that it is not the end of the line in terms of development of EV infrastructure made in Finland. Enjoy the video!

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