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Atieva, Netherlands, South Korea, Mercedes, Formula E, Rad Power.

atieva-teaserTesla offspring? According to Charged, the Californian company Atieva, which was founded by Tesla and Oracle managers in 2007, is working on an electric car that will “redefine what a car can be.” And Atieva seems to mean business. It is currently hiring former Tesla engineers, already holds the right to more than 100 patents and seems to have the necessary cash to see the project through.,

Netherlands to cut PHEV subsidies: The country plans to cut financial incentives for commercially owned plug-in hybrids by 2016 significantly, because many drivers rarely drive purely electric. Reducing tax breaks could end the PHEV boom and push for more commercially owned EVs in the Netherlands.

Subsidies for Korean PHEVs: South Korea is meanwhile looking to earmark 30 billion won (27 million dollars) for incentives for some 5,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles in the country. This comes just as Hyundai and Kia are introducing their first PHEVs to the market.

E-class to premiere in Detroit: The Mercedes E-class limousine will not be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall, but at the NAIAS in Detroit in January 2016. We already reported that the new mid-sized flagship could offer three different hybrid variants, two of which could be plug-ins.

Longer Formula E season: The next season of the Formula E will most likely feature not only ten, but twelve cities as CEO Alejandro Agag hopes to expand the calendar. The additional races could take place in Paris and Mexico City, but nothing is confiirmed yet.

Ultimate e-bike: Rad Power has released a new electric fat bike called RadRover. It features a 750W in-wheel brushless hub motor and a Samsung 48 volt 11.6 Ah battery pack. According Rad Power, the RadRover can go up to 50 miles on one charge at a top speed of 20 mph.


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