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Oct 17, 2016 - 07:10 am

Data tracking, Audi, Atieva, Vanda Electrics, Toyota.

Big Brother is tracking you: Soon all movements of electric and hybrid vehicles in China will be monitored by the government in real time. Data collected would include position, state-of-charge, drive mode as well as driver profiles, outlines a detailed draft. Beijing claims to serve the public interest as it would use the information to determine EV hotspots and to place charging posts accordingly. Also, drivers of plug-in hybrid vehicles mainly using the combustion engine would have to pay back subsidies.
automobilwoche.de (in German)

Audi-Q6-etron300x150Audi to get cozy: A change of strategy is ripe at the VW brand in an effort to cut cost. New premium models will be developed together with Porsche and Bentley and also Volkswagen in the future, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said. The first joint model will be the next-gen A8, conceptualised as electric car.
spiegel.de (in German)

Tesla look-alike: Californian-Chinese start-up Atieva plans to unveil its first electric sedan this December. On pictures, the Atvus looks a lot like a Model S but will boast similar power Atieva demonstrated in its Edna van. The search for a factory in the U.S. continues meanwhile.

NextEV found a factory in Silicon Valley. On 85,000 sqm, the EV start-up will develop software and plans to employ 400 people. NextEV has acquired a license to test autonomous driving on Californian roads and is on course to build its own electric vehicle.

Mini-series supercar: The electric sportscar Vanda Dendrobium by Singaporean Vanda Electrics and Williams Advanced Engineering will make its debut in Geneva next year. Production date is set 18 months later but no more than 20 units of the 1,100 kW EV will be made.

Prius for India: Toyota will start offering the latest version of best-selling hybrid in India in early 2017. There, it will likely launch with nickel-metal battery only and will initially serve as technology demonstrator rather than the sales driver it is in the rest of the world.
autocarindia.co” target=”_blank”>straitstimes.com

Oct 4, 2016 - 08:46 am

Paris Motor Show, Atieva.

Click tip: Inside EVs has compiled a number of photos and videos of the Volkswagen I.D. and Mercedes Generation EQ – both on display at the Paris Motor Show.
insideevs.com (VW), insideevs.com (Mercedes)

Video tip: Atieva again updated its electric powertrain, sending its van Edna from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.74 seconds. To test acceleration, the company raced its clunky vehicle against other speedsters – and left many of them in the dust.

Aug 5, 2016 - 07:53 am

Fully Charged with Fastned, Atieva with BMW and Dodge Viper.

Video tip I: Robert Llewellyn is churning them out fast these days as he uploads another episode of Fully Charged. It finds him at a solar rapid charging station in the Netherlands. There, he meets the maker of the stylish application, Fastned founder Bart Lubbers.

Video tip II: Edna strikes again. This time Atieva plays its electric van against the BMW i8 and a Dodge Viper. A previous promo race saw the valorous e-van beat Tesla and Ferrari.
youtube.com via electrek.co


Jul 22, 2016 - 08:25 am

Supercharger, ChargeMap, Kiev, Amazon, Sacramento, Atieva.

Supercharger power upgrade: Tesla has increased the capacity of some of its Superchargers to 145 kW, apparently a result of a recent spat with British Ecotricty about who has the fastest charger (we reported). Only this time. Tesla didn’t beat the big drum for it.

On the map: ChargeMap has raised a half a million euros from the Cap Innov’Est investment fund in order to further develop its community app for EV charging points in Europe, China and the U.S. Part of the goal is to interface ChargeMap reservation and payment solution with the main charging operators.
Infos per email

E-taxi in Kiev: The Oxygen Group presented its Oxy-Taxi service in the Ukrainian capital. The electric fleet is to include 50 vehicles in three months’ time. The longterm goal is to have 500 EV, including Tesla taxis.

Delivery drone charger: Amazon is considering charging pit stops for its drones to allow them to fly farther. These could be located on top of street lamps, cell towers or parking garages and use the existing grid or solar power.
wired.de (in German)

Fast-charging Sacramento: California’s capital now has a fast-charger- Users can pay with credit card directly at the station. “Filling up” the battery to 80 percent will take between 20 and 25 minutes and cost between 15 and 20 dollars.

Moving in on Tesla territory: Atieva has begun setting up charging stations in Fremont (home to Tesla Motors). From the looks of it, they don’t appear to be setting up fast-chargers, but stations with 220V and 110V outlets.
teslamotorsclub.com, cleantechnica.com

Jul 15, 2016 - 08:48 am

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Video tip I: Van vs. Ferrari vs. Tesla – you might think you already know the outcome, but this race is quite impressive and demonstrates what the Edna electric van from Atieva has under the hood.
vimeo.com via electrek.co

Video tip II: This video cast another van in the leading role. It shows its conversion to the solar-powered “Tiny Home” in stop-motion, which the woman allegedly realised without prior experience. In real time, it took her 32 months to complete her project.
youtube.com via treehugger.com

Event for the upcoming week: Ulm ElectroChemical Talks (July 20-21; Ulm, Germany)

You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at electrive.com/calendar

Jun 16, 2016 - 09:02 am

Atieva, Tesla, Harley, Tomahawk, Tata Motors, Hyundai.

First Atieva EV from 2018: The California start-up by former Tesla managers wants to launch an electric sedan in the premium segment in 2018, followed by two electric crossover models in 2020 and 2021. The company will choose a location for its factory before the end of the year and says that it already has two candidates on its short list.

Tesla works with Nordstrom: The EV maker will kick off a pilot project for the presentation of its cars in LA this weekend that includes test drives at the department store Nordstrom. Moreover, Tesla is trying for a permit to directly sell to customers at the 121 Nordstrom locations across the U.S. and Canada. Meanwhile, the first Model X have arrived in Europe.
fastcompany.com (Nordstrom), electrek.co (Model X)

Harley-Davidson-LiveWireWaiting for better batteries: The first all-electric Harley-Davidson will hit the market within five years, meaning seven years after the LiveWire concept was first presented. The reason is range. 80 km are just not enough, according to Harley. A serial version will go at least double that distance on one charge.

Tomahawk on camera: Inside EVs has published a series of detailed pictures of the Dubuc Tomahawk electric sports car, for which the company recently started a crowdfunding campaign (we reported). The supercar’s official presentation is scheduled for next year.

New city EV from India: Tata Motors seems to be working on an electric version of its tiny car Nano. A testing vehicles with charger connection was sighted just recently.

Hyundai to produce in China: The Korean will launch in Sonata Hybrid in China, producing the midsized sedan locally for the first time. It will also boast a China-specific design and is said to only be the first of a planned line-up of eco-friendly cars for China.


Jan 4, 2016 - 07:23 am

Ampere Vehicles, Faraday Furture, Atieva, Tesla.

Reading tip: Indian Ampere Vehicles is a manufacturer with a social outlook. It produces small EVs targeted at small business owners. Founder Hemalatha Annamalai hopes to attract more women to the sector and to change transportation,  rather than accumulate wealth.

Video tips: Faraday Future and Atieva both shot videos starring their upcoming electric cars. Faraday is to premier a concept live online today at 8 p.m. PST.
Faraday Future: videolive stream; Atieva: video

Click tip: 18 Tesla Model S formed a long, emission-free queue at the Supercharger station at the Tejon Ranch in California, waiting to get to one of the six chargers. For some, Christmas break started thus two hours later than planned.

Dec 11, 2015 - 09:40 am

Toyota, BAIC & Atieva, Faraday Future, Jaguar, Tesla, Chevrolet.

Toyota-Prius-2016Prius sales target lowered: Toyota fears that sales of its 4th-gen Prius hybrid could drop due to low petrol prices. Toyota is now targeting average global annual sales of 300,000-350,000, the lower end of the 300,000-400,000 annual sales target for the previous model. Moreover, the AWD variant may not be offered in the U.S. for now, as demand for all-wheel drive cars there actually is decreasing.
reuters.com, autoblog.com, autonews.com (AWD)

BAIC starts new e-car project: The Chinese manufacturer and Californian company Atieva plan to develop a range of electric cars to be offered for sale globally. BAIC is helping the start-up financially, as well as with expertise through its new electric vehicle technical centre in the Silicon Valley. The first “breakthrough electric car” is said to be unveiled at the 2016 Beijing motor show.
autocar.co.uk, atieva.com

Faraday Future takes Las Vegas: The Californian start-up will open its EV factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada to kick off production by 2017. Meanwhile, Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting confirmed that he is backing the company financially.
jalopnik.com, reviewjournal.com, forbes.com

Jaguar to take part in Formula E? According to Sky News, Jaguar Land Rover will announce plans to launch a team in the Formula E electric car-racing series at a press conference next Tuesday. The event is expected to include a commitment to launch an all-electric (street) car, but without setting a formal timetable. An electric Jaguar, built by Magna Steyr in Austria, has long been making headlines.

Tesla opens shop in Mexico: The store in Mexico City is the first in the Central American region. Ricardo Blanco, previously brand and communications manager in South America for Google, has been hired to further develop the Mexican market.

Chevy Malibu Hybrid priced: The 2016 Chevrolet Malibu hybrid will be available from 28,645 dollars in the U.S., including a 875 dollar destination charge and will go on sale in spring. Its drivetrain unit is based on the powertrain from the second-gen Chevrolet Volt, allowing for as much as 48 mpg.
freep.com, hybridcars.com

May 12, 2015 - 08:20 am

Atieva, Netherlands, South Korea, Mercedes, Formula E, Rad Power.

atieva-teaserTesla offspring? According to Charged, the Californian company Atieva, which was founded by Tesla and Oracle managers in 2007, is working on an electric car that will “redefine what a car can be.” And Atieva seems to mean business. It is currently hiring former Tesla engineers, already holds the right to more than 100 patents and seems to have the necessary cash to see the project through.
chargedevs.com, atieva.com

Netherlands to cut PHEV subsidies: The country plans to cut financial incentives for commercially owned plug-in hybrids by 2016 significantly, because many drivers rarely drive purely electric. Reducing tax breaks could end the PHEV boom and push for more commercially owned EVs in the Netherlands.

Subsidies for Korean PHEVs: South Korea is meanwhile looking to earmark 30 billion won (27 million dollars) for incentives for some 5,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles in the country. This comes just as Hyundai and Kia are introducing their first PHEVs to the market.

E-class to premiere in Detroit: The Mercedes E-class limousine will not be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall, but at the NAIAS in Detroit in January 2016. We already reported that the new mid-sized flagship could offer three different hybrid variants, two of which could be plug-ins.

Longer Formula E season: The next season of the Formula E will most likely feature not only ten, but twelve cities as CEO Alejandro Agag hopes to expand the calendar. The additional races could take place in Paris and Mexico City, but nothing is confiirmed yet.

Ultimate e-bike: Rad Power has released a new electric fat bike called RadRover. It features a 750W in-wheel brushless hub motor and a Samsung 48 volt 11.6 Ah battery pack. According Rad Power, the RadRover can go up to 50 miles on one charge at a top speed of 20 mph.

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