Video Interview: Tomoko Blech, CHAdeMO Association.

Europe only used to be a tough market for CHAdeMO, the Association’s European Representative Tomoko Blech told at when we met up with her at the Hanover Trade Fair. When the European directive was drafted in 2013, “there was a bit of confusion in the market […]. Now that the European directive is all set and the EU has embraced multiple standards,” she says there is room for CHAdeMO to grow. Even in Germany, where the government prefers to support its own CCS standard, investors are including CHAdeMO chargers. “A logical decision,” says Blech, since CHAdeMO compatible EVs still occupy a majority of the market. Still, Blech continues, all standards have their advantages, which is why multi-standard charging stations are the way of the future – and not just in terms of DC charging. AC chargers, too, will become more prominent as EV sales increase and more people will want to charge at home. Watch the whole interview to learn more about CHAdeMO’s plans for the future.

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