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Toruk Electric, Tesla, Lexus, Europe, Toyota Mirai, Tesla Model S 70D.

Turkish EV concept: Toruk Electric Cars, an alliance of engineers from Turkey, is presenting their vision of a future EV. The concept’s design is based on a survey some 1,000 potential customers. Details about the drivetrain have yet to be released and Toruk is still looking for investors to come on board. (in German);

tesla-model-sTesla modifies charging standards for China: The Californian EV maker plans to modify its electric cars to meet China’s charging standards. Tesla announced that it wants to “fully cooperate” with the Chinese government in drafting the national charging standards as well as building public charging infrastructure – an interesting message from California!,

Lexus takes Turkey: Toyota announced that it will introduce its luxury brand at the Istanbul Motor Show later this month and that sales of Lexus (hybrid) cars will start in the fourth quarter.,

EU directive for “green” H2: EU Parliament decided that hydrogen, which is produced from renewable energy sources, can be credited with twice its energy content on the greenhouse gas reduction commitment. If used for fuel cell cars, “green” hydrogen even counts five-fold. (in German)

Driving the Toyota Mirai: According to Drew Harwell, you would expect the Mirai to be majestic, but get something boring – “and that’s what makes it so fascinating.” He also compares it to the likes of Tesla, saying range and the time it takes to fill the tank, speak for FCs, rather than BEVs. (with video)

Tesla Model S 70D review: Compared to other models in the lineup, the 70D variant is lighter, slower to accelerate, uses less energy and achieves a higher top speed. More importantly, it is cheaper (83,950 dollars) than a Mercedes S550 (95,325 dollars), which competes in the same class.


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