Xiamen, Kuala Lumpur, AttainIT & TomTom Telematics, Tesla.

Another Chinese city is to be electrified as Xiamen announces its plan to introduce a fleet of 200 buses and 600 taxis with either electric or plug-in hybrid drives until the end of this year. Already 237 of these vehicles are on the street. The cabs will be complemented with 400 charging spots while buses will be able to charge at eleven bus stops.

BYD buses in Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur has taken delivery of 15 electric buses by the Chinese manufacturer. The BYD buses will serve on the Sunway Line by BRT that spans 5.4 kilometres on elevated bus lanes. The buses are able to go 250 km on a single charge.

Electric car sharing platform: AttainIT and TomTom Telematics have developed technology connecting booking systems with EV data. Be Smart is already using it for electric car sharing in Naples and Milan as the system allows to locate and activate cars and check for remaining battery power remotely.
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Swap party invite: Tesla is currently sending emails to additional selected Model S drivers inviting them to test its battery swapping station in California. However, one swap costs 80 dollar with the return of the original battery at a later date included.

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