Sumitomo Chemical, Proterra, McMaster University, Airbus.

Separators in high demand: Sumitomo Chemical, supplier to Panasonic and Tesla, will more than double production capacity for its PERVIO separator in Japan by next spring. Furthermore, the company plans to build a new facility in South Korea where production is to start by 2017.

New electric bus by Proterra: Testing is completed for Proterra´s new electric bus called Catalyst. The company says it is in the process setting records for efficiency, gradeability, weight and acceleration. The motor delivers 220 kW and the Catalyst will be offered with both lithium-titanate and NMC batteries.

A total of 15 million dollars in funding will go to the Canadian McMaster University from the Ontario Research Fund. 4.4 millions are destined for the ‘Virtual Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain Integration Lab’ (HEPIL), where engineers and scientists will research and test the next generation of vehicles with electrified powertrains using a sophisticated dynamometer.,

Charging while flying: The ‘Fly Your Ideas’ competition by Airbus has seen young inventors coming up with a concept that allows an airplane to reap energy from the fluctuations experienced during flight. An all-woman team presented electric taxiing via inductive charging technology embedded in the runway.

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Most clicked link on Thursday was the all-electric bus MD 9 ElectriCITY by Turkish company Temsa.


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