Jun 15, 2015 - 08:40 am

Klaus Fröhlich, Pablo Valencia.

Klaus-Froehlich“There is a clear trend line that sports cars in the future will be at least partially electrified and the technical systems to do it are already very clear.”

BMW’s board member for development Klaus Fröhlich says that a more powerful version of the BMW i8 might not get a four-cylinder engine as rumoured, but more electric power.

Pablo-Valencia“In many cases, when an EV battery has reached the end of its life in an automotive application, only 30 percent or less of its life has been used. This leaves a tremendous amount of life that can be applied to other applications like powering a structure before the battery is recycled.”

Pablo Valencia, GM senior manager of battery lifecycle management, says that the carmaker will make an announcement concerning the secondary use of electric car batteries this week.


Found on electrive.com
15.06.2015 08:36