Pam Fletcher, Andy Palmer, Hervé Muller.

Pam-Fletcher“It’s a really a terrific story for technology and manufacturing and electrification in this country.”

Pam Fletcher, chief executive engineer for EVs at GM, backs the tale of the Bolt as an inclusive and now even patriotic electric vehicle and points out that production facilities for cars like the Volt and electric motors are located in Michigan.

Andy-Palmer-Nissan“I think something like an electric car would be interesting, to sit squarely above a Tesla. Most people who buy Teslas are buying fully loaded ones, so it implies there’s room for that.”

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, who has plenty of experience in introducing EVs, considers doing the same for the British brand. Aston is currently overhauling its line up that will also include a hybrid. Furthermore, Palmer mentioned a prototype “running around” that looks like a “1,000bhp Rapide.”

Herve-Muller“We see this as an expansion of public transit and Indianapolis has an active downtown that doesn’t close down after 5 p.m, like some cities.”

Hervé Muller, president of BlueIndy, here states one reason why Bolloré chose Indianapolis to set up electric car sharing. The city (or its mayor) was more than willing and despite financing problems, Bolloré says it is in for the long run. (with video)


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