Charge Amps, Supercharger, Kodi, Dubai.

Considerate charge cable: Charge Amps has launched the RAY cable for Type 2 electric vehicles and plug in hybrids. Featuring a built-in temperature sensor in the wall-plug, RAY will gradually reduce charging power in case it senses increased heat.

Supercharger etiquette: Following the lead of its CEO, Tesla has amended communications on Superchargers online, stressing that they are primarily intended for long-distance travel, as local use increased. The company said that there was no change in policy, however.,

Update: As Korea plans to install 100,000 charge points aided by a mobile charger of Powercube (we reported), a competitor emerges. Kodi also wants to offer a mobile charger with 3.3 kW that costs less than 1,000 dollars a piece but adds smartphone functionality. via

Charging Dubai: The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) will install 100 EV charging stations in the desert state. While it will charge its recently ordered 8 Nissan Leaf there, the stations are open to the public. Some will offer fast-charging.


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