Jeff Wyatt, Matthew Warren, Jean Todt.

Jeff-Wyatt“We think we can be a sizable player within it, and that’s really what we’re intending to do.”

Jeff Wyatt, GE’s general manager for energy storage, talks about General Electric’s plans to increase its business for energy storage solutions on a big scale, as it expects the sector to quadruple to 6 billion dollars by 2020.

Matthew-Warren“Once there is a critical mass in the domestic market for alternative fuel vehicles it will bring down costs, support widespread development of charging stations, increase the level of after-sales support and create a re-sale market that will encourage more drivers to buy one.”

Matthew Warren is CEO of the Energy Supply Association of Australia, which urges the Australian government to support EV uptake. The organisation estimates that low cost incentives could help to bring 1 million EVs on the roads in ten years.

Jean-Todt“A lot of people compare it to any other category, but there’s nothing to compare, its just a series with its own characteristics. I’m happy that we have been achieving things that are amazing.”

FIA president Jean Todt on comparing the Formula E and the Formula 1, which he would like to be seen as separate entities.


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