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Image-Christine Daniloff-MITCell in a shell: Researchers at MIT and Chinese Tsinghua University created an electrode with a solid shell containing nanoparticles. The latter is made from aluminium and can change size in the titanium dioxide shell without affecting the form, thus decreasing mechanical stress. It is said to improve a battery’s cycle life, capacity, and power.
newsoffice.mit.edu, nature.com

Charging on the move: Electric Highway trials will already start this year in the UK, says Highways England. EVs will be fitted with wireless equipment and tested on roadways featuring the below-ground technology. However, for the testing to go ahead, a contractor has to be chosen first.
wired.co.uk, theconstructionindex.co.uk, evfleetworld.co.uk

50 percent off of batteries is what LG Chem’s promise customers, as it plans to halve battery prices by next year. With the aggressive cut in pricing, the company ultimately hopes to increase their market share  in the EV sector, where demand is expected to grow, while competitors like Panasonic are scaling up.

Continental update: The German supplier will showcase its 48-V Eco Drive technology in a mid-size model at this year’s IAA. By 2016, the start of series production for an 48-V system for diesel is to follow.


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