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Audi, CEC, fuel cell flight, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory.

audi-logoPowerful Audi alliance: The German carmaker announced that the cells said to deliver 500+ kilometres of range for the Q6 e-tron will be jointly developed by LG Chem and Samsung SDI. Furthermore, the batteries for Audi’s planned electric SUV, often dubbed the Tesla-fighter, will be designed and produced in Europe, also the Korean companies.,,

CEC investments:The California Energy Commission will provide 2.4 million dollars in funding for seven electric trucks, featuring fuel cell range extenders. These will be tested at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Another 1.2 million dollars be used to pay for plug-in vehicles with V2G technology to be deployed at the Los Angeles Air Force Base.

First fuel cell flight: The American University of Sharjah successfully tested a fuel cell plane in the United Arab Emirates. The unmanned flight only lasted ten minutes. Further tests of the ultra-light UAV designed from the base up will follow.

100,000 times faster charging? That is what researchers at the Korean Pohang Accelerator Laboratory claim to have achieved. They have added silver nanoparticles to lithium manganese phosphate, thus creating electrodes able to conduct electricity up to 100,000 times quicker.


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