Paul Nieuwenhuis, Akshay Anand.

Paul-Nieuwenhuis“Battery technology is increasing – if you look at what Tesla has achieved in recent years, it keeps adding more range to battery technology roughly every six months. So, it’s not clear there’s even a need for this.”

Paul Nieuwenhuis of Cardiff Business School’s Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence here refers to Highways England´s plans to trail technology for powering electric cars wirelessly from under the road surface. He is “not totally convinced it’s worth it.”

Akshay-Anand“A lot of their valuation seems to be depending on all things working out. If this was another company, I’d say those expectations are unrealistic. But that’s kind of the allure of Tesla. They shoot for the moon.”

Kelley Blue Book analyst Akshay Anand is surprised by Wall Street’s positive reaction this week after Tesla announced it was looking to raise about 642.5 million dollars through a share sale. “Tesla seems to have an allure all its own.”


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